Junior Academy

Three Lakes Junior Golf Academy is a program designed to grow the game of golf and your junior golfer through a long- term development plan. Our program is designed for golfers ages 7-14. Whether your junior’s goal is to play on the high school team, college level or professionally our academy will give you the tools to reach those goals.

Our award winning and accredited staff will help your junior learn and grow in the game of golf, but also become a better overall athlete.

The Three Lakes Junior Academy follows the ADM (American Development Model). The ADM believes that a well-rounded athlete is better prepared to excel in golf as well in other sports and reduces long term injury. Our program will train your child in not only golf, but agility, balance, speed, and self-confidence.

The academy runs in 8-week sessions, with classes each Tuesday and every other Wednesday, offering 12 experiences in the 8 weeks.

During the 8-week course your child will develop skills in chipping, putting, pitching, driving, and iron play. There will also be 4 “on course” experiences where your junior will get to put their skills to use on the golf course. We are dedicated to making sure your junior golfer learns to play the game, so you can enjoy golf with your family for a lifetime!