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Date : 4/16/2018

Mo Monday 4-16-18: Drive for Show - Putt for Dough

Who hasn't heard that before?  Well, it’s accurate.  How many times have we hit one of our best tee shots of the day, and then hit the next shot on the green with a chance for birdie? Knowing you want to drain the putt, you give it the stroke you feel is necessary but you happen blow it by or even miss it short.  The only thing worse than missing that birdie putt is missing the par putt as well for that dreaded 3 putt bogey. 

 If your ball rolls past the hole DO NOT stop watching it! Don’t get mad and stomp your feet -- continue to watch it until it stops.  By doing this you will see what happens after the hole (or your new line.)  This will make the next putt a whole lot easier to handle. 

We tend to make this game a lot harder than it already is.  Take a breath, relax and focus on the next one!

Swing freely and often!


Jacob Mahoney
Assistant Professional
Three Lakes Golf Course

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