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Date : 5/14/2018

Mo Monday - Club Up

This week I will be talking about club selection when hitting shots into greens. 

Day in and day out I see players hitting their second or third shots into the green but they can’t seem to get it up onto the putting surface, it’s always falling short.  Why is this?  One reason why is we aren’t hitting a club that can even get there in the first place.  Then there is the case of catching one thin and sailing it over the green.  In both of those scenarios I would say you may have had the wrong club in your hand.

To me, golf is a game of controlling our personal ego.  What I mean by that is most of us always want to hit the ball further and we will stretch every inch of distance out of every club we have in the bag.  We should stop that right now.  When we are swinging as hard as we can there is a tendency to not hit the ball square on the face of the club and definitely not in the center of it.

So you have this shot sitting in front of you: 143 yards to a front red pin, barely a hint of breeze at your back.  What do you do?

Instead of grabbing that 8-iron that you know you can hit about 145 yards when you hit it perfectly, take one extra club and aim at the center of the green, take a swing at 90% or even 80%.  You will be amazed that you might make a better strike on the ball because you were under control of your swing.  So next time you play a round of golf try to take an extra club into every green and let’s see if we hit a couple extra greens than we did the day before.

Swing freely and often!


Jacob Mahoney
Assistant Professional
Three Lakes Golf Course

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