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Date : 5/21/2018

Mo Monday - Plugged in the Bunker

There are times on a golf course where I want to just pack my things up and go home, like when I hit a shot a little off line and it lands in the bunker.  That’s not all, though -- when I get up to it, it’s plugged, like really plugged.  Times like these are very frustrating, however we can get out of this “pit of misery!” 

The first thing we need to think about is just getting out of the bunker plain and simple.  It doesn’t really matter where, as long as it’s out.  Next, unlike most bunker shots, we will not open the clubface for this type of shot.  When we open the face it lifts the leading edge of the club to about the equator of the golf ball.  So instead, turn the toe of your wedge down towards the sand, this will allow the leading edge to dig into the sand and help the ball lift into the air.  This will more than likely not land soft so remember that it might come out hot and rolling.  As long as we are out of the bunker we have made a successful shot!

Swing freely and often! 

Jacob Mahoney
Assistant Professional
Three Lakes Golf Course

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