Men’s Club

Ladies Division

President - Matt Sharp
Vice President - Paul Render
Secretary/Treasurer -

The Men's League meets every Wednesday evening starting in Mid-March until late October. Competition is nine holes (playing the opposite nine of the Sundowners) and format varies from week to week. This league is a fun time for golfers of all abilities

President - Gloria VanBuren-Hainline
Vice President - Paula Weedman
Secretary - Ann Sonn
Treasurer - Marie Gooch

The Ladies Club's League play day is Thursday mornings starting early April and playing into October. Play is 18 holes and the competition varies from week to week. Golfers of all abilities are encouraged and welcome to play as your established handicap will level the playing field.

Senior Men's Club

Ladies Sundowners

President - Jay Bell
Vice President - 
Secretary - 
Treasurer - Pete Vincent

The Seniors Division is an over 50 years Wednesday morning Men's League. They start in early April and go until early October. Play varies each week and is 18 holes. Players are mixed up so everyone will play with each other throughout the year.

Co-Presidents – Joy Brown and Becky Pottorff 
Co-Vice Presidents - Kay Berdan and Marie Gooch 
Secretary/Treasurer - Susan Mullen 

This Tuesday night Women's Golf League plays nine holes. This is a low key, fun group that is open to all skill levels. Those with lower handicaps play alongside those with higher handicaps, helping newer golfers learn golf etiquette and rules. Their season schedule includes a variety of nightly games that add humor and fun but still allow for growth, improvement, and competitiveness.